Blackstone Fortress – Dungeon crawler fra Games Workshop!

Ja, du leste riktig. Games Workshop kommer nå faktisk med brettspill med settingen fra velkjente Warhammer 40k.

Du har sikkert allerede opplevd spennende historiebaserte spill fra produsenter av brettspill tidligere. Du spiller en karakter, utfører en rolle på et lag sammen med dine venner. Din karakter utvikler seg under spillets gang, i en retning du selv velger.

Når man setter dette sammen med noen veldig flotte miniatyrer fra Games Workshop, så kan det bli veldig spennende å se hva det kan føre til.

Har du lyst til å være en av de første som inviterer venner til å bli med å utforske The Blackstone Fortress når det lanseres 23. november?

Forhåndsbestilling er tilgjengelig hos Grimfield Games fra 10. november!

Fyll ut skjema her, og hold deg informert om pris og tilgjengelighet så fort det blir offentliggjort.

Alle som registrerer seg her får tilsendt rabattkupong for ekstra hyggelig pris når forhåndsbestillingen åpner.


Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress is an adventure game that puts you in the heart of an unfolding mystery in the 41st Millennium. Working with your friends, you’ll use your wits to battle right to the heart of an ancient citadel, pursuing hidden agendas and attempting to discover its secrets. Using an innovative system of procedural generation, no two adventures will be the same, with new layouts, enemies and more in every play through.

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress is one of the best Warhammer boxed games we’ve ever made. Take the RPG elements of previous Warhammer Quest games, throw in the tense corridor crawling of classics like Space Hulk and add the backdrop of the 41st Millennium, and you’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what this game offers you.

In Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, you’ll pick an explorer and embark on adventures – either solo or with your friends – accommodating 1-5 players per game. Your character will grow, develop and pick up new gear between runs, with each journey offering greater rewards – and greater dangers.

The game has been designed to be fast-paced, tactical and fun. Encounters are as much about wit and cunning as they are sheer force, with each hero offering unique abilities and challenges. Will you snipe your foes at range? Charge in as a living bulwark? Or support the rest of your party? The system is easy to pick up but offers huge depth for those looking to master it.

Blackstone Fortress has allowed our writers and miniatures team to explore never-seen-before avenues of the world of Warhammer 40,000, bringing to life figures who will be iconic to fans of the lore but might not have been seen on a battlefield. Each of the heroes in Blackstone Fortress is a unique and distinct character. Maybe you’ll choose to plumb the depths of the labyrinth as Imperial Navigator Espern Locarno, or spread the Imperial Cult at the mouth of a flamer with Missionary Zealot Pious Vorne. Each of these characters bears secrets, and there are more than a few surprises in store for even the most versed loremasters to uncover…


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