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40 Thieves – Kickstarter King of Thieves (all in)

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In a medina on the borders of the kingdom thrives a dishonest merchant with excessive wealth. Gold coins, fabrics and carpets pile up in its hidden and well-guarded den. In the middle of his treasure are nine bluish sapphires of great purity. Nine precious stones that make you dream. In the city, looters, thieves, and other rogues start a challenge: Whoever steals the most of these stones this night will be crowned king of thieves. Will you answer the call? Will you brave the forty thieves who keep the loot?

The Gameplay:
The game is made of 40 thieves cards and 20 special cards. Each card has a color and a symbol on the back, but only one is true. Players have to use deduction, memory and push their luck to arrange suits of symbols or colors to steal a sapphire.

Place 16 cards into a 4 x 4 grid face down.
The Sapphire gems are placed into the gaps between the cards.

Each player turn has four phases;
1: ‘make a hand’ phase where the player ensures they have a hand of three cards drawn from the pile.
2: ‘glimpse’ phase, when they can peek at a card on the grid without showing others what it is.
3:‘action’ phase, where the player can play card or do action on card from the grid.
4:‘attempt a steal’ phase, where the player managed to arrange suites of symbols or colors to steal a sapphire.

Once all the Sapphire gems from the grid have been taken, the game ends. The one with the most Sapphire gems wins.