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Age of Sigmar 2.0 Core Book

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The Core Book contains lore, art and rules.  It is available in the starter set and separately.

  • Almost 200 pages of lore recapping the Mortal Realms so far, adding detail to the existing timeline and covering Nagash’s recent Necroquake.
  • guides for each of the Realms – maps, timelines, art, introductions to the citizens of the realms
  • guides to each of the factions and Grand Alliances
  • essential core rules
  • rules to expand your games
    • Realm of Battle rules that let you set your games in the mystical landscapes of the Mortal Realms.
    • An Open War Battleplan generator that makes choosing which battleplan you play easy, and some basic rules for multiplayer games.
    • A guide to all sorts of narrative play games, from desperate sieges to brutal subterranean warfare, and some inspiration for your own campaigns.
    • Six matched play battle plans, as well as Battle Strategies – a new way to score your games that rewards quick-thinking and flexibility.