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Like the building it is named after, Alhambra, the international award winning game from Dirk Henn, has become a landmark in the board game world, having been translated into more than 25 languages, and winning countless awards, including the coveted “Spiel des Jahres” in 2003. In its 15 years of existence The Alhambra family has grown significantly; six expansions, totaling 24 modules, and several stand alone games have been released.

Along with the base game, The Alhambra Designers’ Edition features:

  • All new artwork for the base game and all expansions
  • Larger tiles
  • New box artwork and 2 tile dispenser towers
  • New expansions from famous designers:
    • Mike Elliott – The Towers of Power
    • Michael Schacht – The Alhambra Zoo
    • Klaus Jurgen Wrede – Travelling Craftsmen
    • Rudiger Dorn – The Extensions
    • Dirk Henn – The New Building Ground
    • Emanuele Ornella – The Palace Staff
    • Stefan Feld – The Handymen
    • Michael Rieneck – (Work in Progress – name to be announced)
    • Ruskowski & Susselbeck – Fresh Color

The following previously released expansions:

  • Expansion 1: The Vizier’s Favour
  • Expansion 2: The City Gates
  • Expansion 3: The Thief’s Turn
  • Expansion 4: The Treasure Chamber
  • Expansion 5: Power of the Sultan
  • Expansion 6: The Falconers
  • Queenie 1: The Magical Building
  • Queenie 2: The Medina





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