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Cosmic Run: Regeneration Kickstarter Premium edition

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In Cosmic Run: Regeneration, you lead a fleet of ships on a quest for the discovery of new worlds.  But watch out!  This region of space is populated with dangerous meteors that frequently hit the planets.  So you are not only racing your opponents, but also the meteors.

Cosmic Run: Regeneration is a turn based game for 1-4 players.  You begin a turn by rolling 6 dice. After the roll, you must assign at least 1 die to planets (to move ships), alien cards (to recruit the aliens), or to your tech card (to gain crystals).  After assigning, you may re-roll any unassigned dice. All of the locations have different assignment requirements, so you must choose which kind of strategy to employ: Do you push your luck to try to move up more valuable planet tracks or play conservatively by placing dice on less valuable tracks? Do you recruit aliens who will help you score points and grant special powers? When should you spend your crystals? It is a game that is not only easy to understand, but contains many interesting decisions.

A strong selling point is that the game can be played competitivelycooperatively, or solo.  Each of the variants have been fully developed and all offer a compelling gaming experience.

Allies Expansion is included at no additional cost inside the copy of the game. This expansion pack includes 6 ally cards (plus 2 instruction cards) that add an interesting twist by giving players special powers.  Each ally card has an icon with a die, numbered from 1 to 6. At the end of a player’s turn, the player recruits the ally whose number matches the yellow die.  The player may then use the ally on future turns until another player recruits the ally.

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