Lizard Wizard – playmat and card pinchers (STL-files only)


Not a physical product, downloadable files only.

Ikke et fysisk produkt, kun nedlastbare filer.

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When purchasing this product you will be able to download STL-files for printing these pinchers for your own personal use.

Modyfing or selling the files, or the printed products from these files is not allowed.

These pinchers will keep your playmats in order while stored in the box or at your shelf.

The card pinchers will hold your sleeved cards firmly in place while you put the organizers back in the box on top of the cards.

Lid lift is to be expected when storing the mats inside the main box, see photo.

Siden dette er et nedlastbart produkt så gjelder ikke angrefristen etter tilgang for nedlasting er gitt.

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