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MourneQuest Kickstarter Deluxe Edition

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An Adventure Game filled with Myth & Folklore from the heart of the Emerald Isle.

MourneQuest is a cooperative board game for 1 to 4 players.

Average playing time 60-90 minutes.

Players assume the roles of the book’s heroes and must journey in the Mourne Mountains to work together to defeat the evil Shimnavore before it is too late. On their quest they’ll encounter many enemies, including infuriating Bogbeans and terrifying Nightmares like the Banshee, the Changeling and the Dullahan. To triumph, heroes must gather charms, equipment and magical relics, to increase their powers and use their skills and combat abilities effectively.

At the start of a game players chose a hero to play, and take the matching Character Card and miniature. During the quest, they must make sure to visit the Nexus Points to gather weapons and items to increase their starting abilities and make themselves into more formidable warriors. By the end of the quest, your team of heroes should be ready to take on the Shimnavore with all the skills and weapons they’ve accumulated!

During MourneQuest many enemies will be out to hinder, hurt or destroy the heroes.

First it will be the pestering Bogbeans, who will more often attempt to steal than to kill; but as the heroes strive to free the terrifying Nightmares, tougher Bogbeans will be spawned and stand in their way. If the heroes cannot Cast-out the Nightmares before they are released into the Kingdom of Mourne, they will then be forced to fight them and suffer misery or even death, from their evil powers. On the Enemies’ Phase, enemies move and attack the nearest hero, more are spawned and occasionally relics are revealed. But do you risk collecting a relic when a Nightmare is close by?

There are three types of Bogbeans in MourneQuest.

The first, and smallest are the Snipes. They stand about one foot in height and have mottled brown skin with yellow stripes. The second type are Speedwells. They look a lot like a white mole, but despite having a well know taste for worms, they are far from harmless. Beware ….

Finally, there are the Worts! Worts are tough, three legged creatures that like to sneak up on you, do their devilment and leave you in a very bad way… Bogbeans are out to steal your loot, but if you fend them off, they will probably drop items that they were carrying, so you can grab it for yourself.

And then there are the Nightmares!

These powerful foes are at the behest of the Shimnavore and if not Cast-out from its grip, will break into the Kingdom of Mourne and hunt down the heroes. Irish mythology has foretold of these creatures, no-one believed it…but they are real, terrifying and wanting to destroy. Each Nightmare has an Evil Power which they get to use on the heroes during the Enemies Phase.

Nightmares attack with great power and must be beaten on each ability of Courage, Strength and Magic before being defeated. So, its best to gather the Charms required to cast them out before they come after you.

The dreaded Shimnavore, trapped within the Silver Orb, bound by the Mighty Mourne Wall is stirring. It calls to all manner of evil nightmares to aid in its escape. The Elderfolk wizards are long gone, so it’s up to young Jack Turner and a few friends of the Hawksbeard Clan to stop them. But time is not on their side, evil magic is being used against them and their skills are untested against such formidable enemies.

Can they release the Nightmares, defeat the Shimnavore and save the Mourne Wall before it’s too late?

All combat in MourneQuest is resolved with a single dice roll. There are four levels of Combat dice. Players add the dice results, together any extras from equipment, to their chosen ability level for each fight, (either Courage, Strength or Magic). They must equal or better their opponent’s ability level which can vary depending on the current phase of the Moon to win.

Relics can give heroes additional power or abilities to increase their chances in battle.