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Oath Chronicles of Empires and Exile – Kickstarter extras (forhåndsbestilling)

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In Oath, one to six players guide the course of history in an ancient land. Players might attempt to bolster the power of the Chancellor or scheme to bring the empire to ruin. The consequences of one game will ripple through those that follow, changing what resources and actions future players may have at their disposal and even altering the game’s core victory condition.

Every system in Oath is built from the ground up to be responsive and adaptable. A single decision could reverberate for dozens of games afterwards.

The core rules are simple: Players will spend their turns adventuring within the Chancellor’s realm and the lands that surround it. They will gather support, recruit warbands, and discover dark and dangerous secrets. Over the course of the game, players will collectively populate the world with a cast of strange and wonderful characters and institutions. This world is essentially a shared tableau, which every player can interact with and seek to control.

Most players begin as Exiles, powerful figures living on the edge of polite society. An Exile wins the game by directly challenging the Chancellor’s power or by attempting to fulfill a new Vision.

The Chancellor wins the game by maintaining their grip on the empire. To this end, they may wish to make offers of citizenship to one or more Exiles. If accepted, these new Citizens will help the Chancellor maintain control, but the Chancellor will need to be careful. These new Citizens present threats to their own succession. Though players will sometimes need to work together, only one player will ever win.

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