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The City of Kings – Kickstarter Deluxe Edition & World Packs

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Kickstarter-utgave av The City of Kings. Estimert levering januar/februar 2019.

Prisen inkluderer gratis frakt til adresse i norge.

Deluxe-utgave med alt innhold som er mulig å forhåndsbestille: (se bilder for mer info)

  • The City of Kings + Deluxe Upgrade
  • Character Pack 1
  • Character Pack 2
  • Hero Pack
  • Side Quest Pack 1


The City of Kings is a fully cooperative fantasy adventure board game. You and up to 3 friends play the roles of the surviving leaders and must defeat the armies of Vesh over a series of 7 stories. Each story offers a unique puzzle and has optional objectives depending on how long you want to play.

The game features full character customisation, worker management, board exploration, roleplaying-style quests and strategic combat designed for replayability. Experience dice free combat and battle against more than 10,000,000 uniquely generated creatures on a map that has 1,000’s of possible layouts, using characters you create by choosing from over 100 different options.

There are 6 heroes to choose from, each featuring 12 unique skills and 90 customisable stat points allowing you to specialise in attacking, healing, tanking, area control and worker management.