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“Battleships inflicted heavy losses to the enemy today. Destroyers have been hunting for submarines hidden in the depths for a week. Their torpedoes can not reach you. Minesweepers are already clearing the planted mines. Will your tactics work and wil rocket ships bombard the enemy shore? Or will your opponent anticipate this and will hell break loose at the sea?”

In Warships you are the admiral of the battleship fleet and you have one goal: to land soldiers on hostile territory. The road to this goal is paved with wrecks of enemy ships.

Warships is a new version the famous in the 80s title “Admirals.” Refreshed and revised rules will allow the lovers of this title to return to competition. To those who have not had the occasion to play “Admirals”, we recommend try this!

Warships is a game of deduction and bluff. There is no random element here. It is only two players, two fleets, and two tactics.