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Age of Atlantis Kickstarter Edition (forhåndsbestilling)

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The Age of Atlantis is a competitive, engine-building, civilization game. You are the leader of a noble house and must prove to Poseidon that your house deserves to rule the city. Grow your house’s population, discover new technologies and cultures, and defend the city: all while appeasing Poseidon and preventing his mighty flood.


The Age of Atlantis is set in an alternate-history before the great flood. Plato writings document that Atlanteans discovered a new element called Orichalcum that advanced their technology faster than any other civilization the world had ever known. They built giant machines called Myths to protect the city from outside nations, who became jealous of their new technologies.


Each house has its own asymmetric building and way to score additional points.


*Finalized sculpts coming soon! We’re making final touches to make sure they are sturdy.*