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Clinic – Clinic Deluxe Extensions (forhåndsbestilling)

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Clinic Deluxe Edition is a thematic hospital building and management game for 1 – 4 players. It lasts 30 minutes per player. Take the role of a CEO and build your Clinic in 3 dimensions to get as many Popularity points as possible in 6 rounds of play! Not only do you manage the layout of your Clinic and maintenance costs, you make the staffing decisions, and you orchestrate movement of the staff and patients throughout your facility.

The 2nd Extension and 3rd Extension for Clinic Deluxe Edition were delayed because of the lockdowns in 2020. Finally, after its breakthrough success in 2019, Clinic Deluxe Edition is back for a new crowdfunding campaign with 2 new boxes of expansions, as well as a solo/multiplayer Campaign Book! These campaigns offer multiple scenarios to learn all of the expansions in the boxes, and it links them together into stories.


  • You liked them in the base game, you loved them in The Extension (the first box of expansions), you will love them even more in the 2nd Extension and in the 3rd Extension: hundreds of new 3D meeples!

Note: Component names and designs are not final, and are subject to change before production.

  •  More than 80 new tiles such as Medical Scanners, Beds, the Coffeemaker, the New Appointments overlay, the Pediatrics service hub, 4 new Special Modules (Economic, Radiology, Resuscitation, Emergency Room), the Front Page tile, Morgues, Public Toilets, Wheelchairs, Gift Shops, Air Conditioners….
  •  More than 48 Cards such as Event Cards, or the new set of Urban Design cards!
  •  4 new sorts of Patients: Babies, Burn Victims, Critical Patients, and Unclassified Patients
  •  1 Campaign Book that includes 3 Campaign Modes to learn and teach the game to your friends, including dozens of combos of modules of expansions with examples and suggestions.

This is the most important part of the campaign. Most of the players backed the base game and The Extension in May of 2018. But they are swimming in the Extension Modules they already have. They don’t know which ones to add, and in what order and combinations, so they can play original and unique games that are not beyond their current capabilities.

That’s why I have decided to create a Campaign Book!

This book won’t be a Stretch Goal! It is already OFFERED in the pledge of backers who pledge for the Doctor Reward.

Please note that this booklet has a value of $15 and will be sold separately AFTER the end of the campaign.


The book is divided into 3 parts:

  •  Normal Mode: This mode is divided into 5 main themes and each theme offers 10 combos. In Each Episode you will add a new module and at the end you will play with all the modules of the given theme. That should roughly make 50 episodes and will look like the Tramways Engineer’s Workbook, but with thematic parts. For example in the 3D Meeples theme, you will learn how to play with all of the 3D meeples of all the expansions by adding them one by one.
  •  Medium mode: This mode picks up one expansion in each theme: So you will play with exactly 5 expansions, and as in normal mode, you will play several scenarios (10), but the expansions are not presented in a cumulative fashion. This mode requires the players to perfectly know each included expansion, so I recommend having played the normal mode first.
  •  Expert mode: This is the most interesting part of the campaign mode, I think. Through 5 scenarios (called Chapters), you will live-play a real story as a citizen of Small City. You will take the role of a Nurse, or a Doctor, or a Surgeon, etc., and you will get a bonus/penalty at the end of each game depending on your play with the other players. Some expansions will be unlocked or still locked going into the next game. So each 5-game series will be a different challenge.


With good management, nifty planning decisions, and a good 3D sense, hire the right employees at the optimal time when patients are arriving in droves!

With the pandemic, many players no longer have the opportunity to play boardgames with their friends. This disease has increased the Solo Game trend that was already in progress thanks to very good designers.

Most of the rules of Clinic Deluxe Edition are compatible with the SOLO game. The base game and The Extension had solo rules. This is also the case with the 2nd Extension and the 3rd Extension.

The Campaign Book is also 100% playable in solitaire and offers thousands of hours of challenges and fun with at least 58 Scenarios !

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