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Clinic – Covid-19 Pandemic

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Dette er kun en utvidelse, man trenger hovedspillet Clinic for å spille dette.

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Informasjon fra Kickstarter-prosjektet: (designer Alban Viard)

This a very special campaign for me.

I was married to a nurse and Clinic, the board game, has been massively inspired by the discussions I had with my wife when she comes home from work.

When I released Clinic Deluxe Edition in 2019, I never thought, or WE never thought, that a giant pandemic would hit the planet.

And I am now feeling strange about having my game on the table, all around the world, with gamers thematically trying to fight against different diseases based on abstract colors of white, yellow, orange and red. I feel as if I should do more, but what can I do to help the world’s medical staff who are suffering in this war against a virus of which we know very little…

That’s why I have designed a new cooperative variant called – COVID-19 Pandemic – in order to help the world in finding a vaccine in a near future.

  • 1 x new Propagation tile
  • 100 x COVID-19 tokens
  • 1 x Syringe tile
  • a rules booklet in 7 languages!

YES … Clinic Deluxe Edition has become a cooperative game in this small expansion.