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  • CliniC Deluxe, the definitive edition of the popular board game inspired by Theme Hospital.
  • Completely re-envisioned and re-created art and graphic design by Ian O’Toole – including the box, the player boards, the main board, all tiles, and the overall visual identity.
  • Rewritten and edited game rules, revised for 1-4 players.
  • An expansion box that contains all previously released expansions (Medical Dossier #1, #2 and #3).
  • 340+ custom components & many more deluxe features!
Box and Deluxe sleeve
Box and Deluxe sleeve
Intensive Care Unit
Intensive Care Unit


A nurse helps a yellow doctor treat an orange patientA nurse helps a yellow doctor treat an orange patient


Pharmacy tile in the expansion boxPharmacy tile in the expansion box

Among other healthcare visionaries, you seek to build the ideal clinic and serve the needs of the population.You quickly get a pre-admissions facility, and patients are already lining up!

Can you build the clinic of your dreams? Hire doctors, nurses, and maintenance staff! Build new modules, offer specialized treatment, and even build a parking lot or two!

This is your CliniC ! Build it however you see fit and give patients the care they need, and succeed!

Maintenance shop from the expansion boxMaintenance shop from the expansion box

CliniC presents a set of unique concepts, many of which have not been seen in board games before:

  • Build the most effective clinic – in 3D! Avoid inefficiency for your doctors and cut time spent moving patients between rooms.
  • Hire the best doctors and nurses and treat the most patients as possible over the course of the game.
  • Succeed and make sure you can cover upkeep and salary costs, hopefully even making a profit and driving popularity in the community!
  • Make enough money to pay the upkeep and salaries and convert the remaining $ into Popularity, the final goal of the game.
the amenities from the expansion box
the amenities from the expansion box
pills (expansion box)
pills (expansion box)

CliniC: The Extension is a boxed expansion which will include ALL expansions (at least 12) already released over the past 5 years. It introduces several new concepts and includes:

  • the Amenities (cafeteria, dormitory) with the buses
  • the Pharmacy and the Pill tiles
  • the Hospice tiles
  • the Elders tokens
  • the Ambulance tiles
  • the Expecting tokens
  • the 4th floor new player board
  • the Maintenance Shop tiles
  • the Janitors pieces
  • the Urban Design cards
  • the Pillars tiles and tokens
  • the Virus tiles and tokens
  • the Satellite Dish tiles
  • the Intensive Care Unit tile
  • the Public Work tiles !

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