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I stumbled upon a midnight market. It wasn’t selling flowers or farm goods. It was a more curious sort of cargo: energy capacitors, strange crystalline material, and something green and jiggly. Since then, I’ve been dragged into it, deep into the thick of it.

I paid a stranger more than I should have for manufacturing plans I hardly understood. Worse yet, they sold the same stuff to my best friend. Now, I have to get my supply lines up and running to prepare for shipping my cargo — and if my friend starts shipping some of this curious cargo, I’ll have to intercept their trucks and corner the market that way.

By hook or by crook, I’m going to be the king of curious cargo…

Curious Cargo is a two-player game in which you go head-to-head against your opponent by building up the infrastructure of your facility, calling in trucks at the right moment, all while perfectly timing the shipping and receiving of cargo to score the most points. Connect an interweaving web of lines to your shipping and receiving spaces. Play with two-color conveyor tiles, or step it up for an advanced experience and play with all three colors. Ship your custom-shaped cargo tokens to your opponent to interfere with their logistics plans!

The puzzling nature of Ryan Courtney’s Pipeline comes alive in Curious Cargo! With six unique player boards for each player and two game modes, a skillful challenge awaits even the sharpest competitor.


 UNLOCKED: 2 Double-sided Player boards included with EVERY preorder!

These player boards introduce the Rainbow Splitter which acts as a wild/joker connection point for your network! Look out for the P2 side of the player board: This layout only has a total of 4 connections to machines for shipping and receiving goods. Playing on this side will provide the most challenging experience, especially if you are playing with all 3 colors in the game!

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 UNLOCKED: Bus Tile & Card

Time-warping in from another dimension, the BUS pays a visit to your facility! This is the largest vehicle in the game!

Promo Bus

 LOCKED: 2 New Double-sided Player Boards

An additional set of 2 double-sided player boards included with every preorder! More details on what these player boards will look like are coming soon!

Unlocks at 1,700 preorders — If we achieve 1,700 preorders, these 2 double-sided player boards will be included free with EVERY preorder!

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