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Premium Market  Playmat is also included for at no extra cost:

Play as one of the many international distillers, each with unique setup, actions, and recipes.
Purchase recipes, ingredients, items, and upgrades from the central market.
Fill your distillery with specialists, ingredients, barrels, and recipes to grow your business.
Shuffle your ingredients together to distill the spirit, then pull the top and bottom cards from the deck and place them in the pantry. This represents removing the impure first and last parts of the run, which are saved for future distillations.
See what you have made by comparing your cards with the recipes you have, making sure to fulfill the ingredient and barrel requirements.
Age your spirit by placing the stack under a barrel card and sending it to the warehouse. Each round it stays in the warehouse, add a facedown flavor card to the barrel, increasing its prestige and value.
Bottle and sell your spirits to earn points and money, while competing for global awards and secret goals.