Empty Feldherr MAXI Bag for 8 Warhammer Underworlds: Warbands


This is an empty bag with room for up to 8 Foam Trays for Warbands.

Buy the foam trays you want from the linked items below.

Dette er en tom bag med plass til opp til 8 Foam Trays for Warbands.

Kjøp de foam trays du ønsker ved å følge lenken nederst på siden.

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Your figures may not be made of shadeglass, but they should be stored safely nevertheless. Especially when transporting your Warbands, it can easily happen for miniatures to collide, causing the paint to flake off or weapons to bend. This isn’t just annoying, but also avoidable.

The high-quality bag has padded side parts and a reinforced bottom, so that miniatures and game components are always safe, even when transported by car or train. A sturdy belt provides additional comfort on the way to the next game with friends or the next tournament.

The MAXI Bag provides space for up to 8 foam trays, you select Warbands and/or tray for Arcane Hazards.

You can also fit 1 half size compartment box instead of 2 foam trays for Warbands.

Models pictured are for size comparison only. They are the personal property of Feldherr company or employees.



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