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Green Box of Games

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The Green Box of Games is a game system in a box. Designed to be like a deck of cards for board games, it contains a set of standardized components that can be used to play a myriad different games, both traditional games like LudoHalma and Backgammon as well as adaptations of popular modern games like CatanCarcassonne and Cartagena. In addition, truly original games have been developed for the box, and you are encouraged to create your own games as well.

The Second to None Edition (2017) comes with rules for 16 different games in English, German and French. On the official website there are a total of about 100 games available.

The Components provided are as follows:
– 36 Square Tiles with 6 different symbols
– 80 10 mm cubes in 4 different colors
– 54 cards in 9 different colors
– 2 standard dice