Gugong: Panjun Expansion – Kickstarter Deluxe Edition Big Box


Inneholder både basespillet Gugong Deluxe og utvidelsen Panjun Deluxe samlet i en meget flott Big Box!

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  • Pànjūn Deluxe: the Summer Palace
  • Pànjūn Deluxe: the Peasants Revolt
  • Pànjūn Deluxe: the Stairs of the Palace
  • Pànjūn Deluxe: extra Decrees and Cards
  • Gùgōng Deluxe: base game
  • Game Box: Big Box with velvet finish
  • English rulebook
Game Brewer proudly presents Gùgōng: Pànjūn, by Andreas Steding, containing no less than 4 expansions for Gùgōng in 1 expansion box:
  • The Whims of the Emperor: The Emperor has got certain preferences (or whims they dare to say…) and his Officials prefer to receive the Gifts that the Emperor is most fond off. Gain the Emperor’s favor by satisfying his every whim!
“The Whims of the Emperor” contains a separate game board, showing the Summer Palace of the Emperor. Players can gain extra neutral Servants, a Court Lady and extra Jade by sending Servants to the Summer Palace.
Appropriate extra Travel Tokens, Decrees and Gift Cards provide extra features for even more variety.
  • The Farmer’s Revolt: The Ming Dynasty has known many farmer revolts. Although the Ming Dynasty itself gained absolute power through a farmer revolt, this didn’t result in the rulers showing more sympathy for the farmers than their predecessors did.
“The Farmer’s Revolt” contains a separate game board, showing the rural surroundings of the Forbidden City. Players can profit from exta Servants, new Travel Tokens, new Decrees and Gift Cards. But watch out! The more you use the new advantages, the faster the Farmers will revolt against the authorities. Will you help the Emperor to crush the uprising? Or will you secretly try to take advantage of the chaos in the Forbidden City?
  •  The Palace Stairs: Reaching the Emperor has always been a challenge, but lately the Emperor has isolated himself even more.
“The Palace Stairs” contains 10 new Palace Tracks, with different challenges on each track. Will you try to meet the conditions on the left track, or will you try to profit from the advantages on the longer right track?
  •   Extra Decrees, Travel Tokens and Gift Cards:
New Decrees make your Intrigue Benefits available anytime or provide a catch-up mechanism if you’re running behind with in-game scoring.
With the new Travel Tokens you can swap a card with a Yin Yang card or reactivate a previously used Travel Token.
Six new Gift Cards with a value from 0 to 10 will spice up your game even more.

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