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Keystone North America – Kickstarter Deluxe Edition (forhåndsbestilling)

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On their turn players can either take the Introduce Action or the Use Skill Action.


Taking the Introduce Action

Choose a species card from the Field to introduce into your ecosystem. You can choose any species in the Field but must pay for it by placing one of your synergy tokens on each card to its right. If you take a card that has synergy tokens on it you get to take those as well!

Next place the chosen species on any empty space on your player board. When placing a species card, gain 1 synergy token for each shared habitat on all adjacent cards.

Taking the Use Skill Action

When using Skills, you can either choose a single active skill or all of the exhausted skills.


If you choose an active skill, resolve the effect of any active skill, then flip it over to its exhausted side.

If you choose the exhausted skills, resolve the effects of all exhausted skills, then flip all skills to their active side. Then advance the game timer token one space.

Wild Cards

Once per turn, you may discard 10 synergy tokens to take a wild card and place it on any empty space on your player board.


A wild card has a set habitat and season, but can be any number from 1-5 when scoring in the game!


At the end of the game players will score their player boards to see who built the most interconnected ecosystem!


Ecosystems (Sequences)

An ecosystem is created when two or more cards with matching habitats have been arranged in ascending or descending consecutive numerical order. Gain 1 point for each card in an ecosystem.

Research Tokens

Gain 1 additional point for each research token on cards when scoring an ecosystem.

Keystone Species 

If you have a keystone species (symbol) in an ecosystem, score that ecosystem again. Do this for each keystone species in that ecosystem!

Secret Objectives

Secret Objectives can lead to big points at the end of the game! To complete a secret objective, the species cards on your player board must match the pattern of season symbols on your secret objective card.


Keystone: North America features an immersive solo experience through the Field Journal! Here are a few things players will find within its pages;

  •  Story driven campaign! Follow the journal entries of a Jr. Field Biologist as they work on assignments that will take them across North America.
  •  20 Unique Challenges! Every assignment contains a unique challenge that will allow players to experience the game in fun and exciting new ways.
  •  Secret Envelopes! Certain assignments allow players to unlock new species that can be added to the game.
  •  Journal pages feature beautiful colored art! Experience North America and its parks through beautiful and fun journal sketches.
  •  Learn about the different conservation efforts happening across North America! Journal entries and assignments feature environmental issues currently impacting important North American animals and ecosystems.

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