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Lands of Galzyr is an adventure board game set in an open, story rich world. In the game, you are an adventurer seeking fame and excitement in Galzyr – a region known for the historic strife between three city-states and their former motherland and the thrill-seeking nature of its colourful inhabitants.
The adventure you embark on is built upon a massive storybook that guides you to face all kinds of situations, animalfolks, and challenges as your journey continues from one game to the next. Lands of Galzyr can be played either competitively or co-operatively with 1 to 4 players, and despite its continuous nature, players can drop in and out freely between games.
Story-driven adventure: There are hundreds of stories waiting for you to explore. Quests, characters, and decisions all come together to create a grand adventure.
Open game world: Galzyr is a big place, and only you decide the direction of your adventure. There’s lots to see and experience wherever you choose to go.
Save mechanism: Your actions have consequences, often far-reaching. The game is designed to be a continuous adventure where each game picks up where the previous one left off.

Digital storybook

Lands of Galzyr utilises a digital storybook which you can access with an internet browser. You can use the book online or alternatively download and use it offline. The lack of a physical book makes the game more affordable, but the digital storybook has other less obvious advantages as well.
Ease of use: Compared to a printed storybook, our digital adaptation is faster and comes with many handy features. This significantly cuts down the time wasted on finding the right page or paragraph.
Spoiler free: The storybook only shows you the parts you should see at any given moment, preventing you from accidentally spoiling any upcoming surprises.
Updates: We are able to update the storybook even after release to fine-tune the story entries based on your feedback or to add additional polish.
We commit to keeping the digital storybook online for as long as possible and promise to release it as open source software if we ever find ourselves unable to continue hosting it anymore. You can rest assured that you can enjoy your copy of Lands of Galzyr till the end of time.

Meet the adventurers

When you delve into Lands of Galzyr, you will become one of the four adventurers shown above. Each adventurer is different, including a unique starting quest and special ability, but you can change most things to your liking while playing. While we recommend that you play the same one each time, players can nevertheless drop in and out between games without issue.
We will introduce each adventurer in more detail in upcoming project updates. Follow the project to learn more about our colourful cast of characters!

How to play