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Mercado de Lisboa – Kickstarter Edition (Vital Lacerda)

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Opening a Stand costs the number of coins equal to the higher number of stands either in the same column or row as the Stand being opened.
You may bring any available customer to the market that is seeking a matching food of a stand as long as the number of customers shown on the tile is less than or equal to the number of stands in the column or row.
When a Customer and a Stand match, you earn money equal to the number of stands times the number of customers in the row or column as the number of customers seeking that type.
The Player with the most money at the end of the game is the winner!


Incentives to back on this Kickstarter include:

Each copy of Mercado de Lisboa  from this Kickstarter will be packaged in a uniquelynumbered game box, limited to the total number of Kickstarter copies pre-sold.

In addition, each Kickstarter edition of Mercado de Lisboa sold through this campaign will include a Lisboa: Queen Variant mini-expansion for Vital Lacerda’s Lisboa.

Finally, and not least, it is those of you who back this Kickstarter who are ultimately responsible for the fact that we can publish this game at all.  You provide us with the means and the incentive to know how many to print up, and to get the best deal we can from the print factory (production prices are quantity-driven and the more we can order, the better our costs, and thus the better the prices we can offer to you!)  So it is a leap of faith on our parts that you will support this Kickstarter in large enough numbers to cover our costs for the prices we are offering to you.  This is very much a “joint production” between us at Eagle-Gryphon and the terrific Backers that support us on this Kickstarter. Thanks for that support!