ReaperCon 2020 Mega Bundle


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This Mega Bundle includes the SwagBox, the Brinewind Box, and the HobbyBox plus a FREE Captain Bones Black metal miniature!

The ReaperCon Live Online SwagBox includes:

  • Hellrunners Faction Paint Rinse Cup
  • Reaper U Notebook
  • Reaper Miniatures Water Bottle
  • ReaperCon 2020 Pen
  • ReaperCon Live Commemorative Nylon Lanyard & Badge
  • 3″ Drunken Mermaid Sticker
  • 3″ Black Chum Rum Sticker
  • Pirate Sophie & Despicatus Sidekick Metal Miniatures
  • Pirate Mousling: Captain Blackcrumb Metal Miniature
  • Brinewind Townsfolk Metal Miniature
  • Stormchasers Crew: Angelica Fairweather Metal Miniature
  • Dungeon Dwellers: Erebus Nalas, Evil Sorcerer Metal Miniature
  • MSP Core Colors: Powderburn Brown
  • MSP Core Colors: Pirate Gold
  • MSP Core Colors: Clouded Sea

The ReaperCon Live Brinewind Box includes:

  • Brinewind Townsfolk Metal Miniature
  • MSP Pirate Colors: High Seas Adventure
  • MSP Pirate Colors: High Seas Horror
  • “Treasure of Blood Reef” Resin Miniature
  • “Dead Men Tell No Tales” Resin Miniature
  • Stormchasers Crew: Angelica Fairweather Metal Miniature
  • Maersuluth Crew: Kaiser Stedwick Metal Miniature
  • Hellrunners Crew: Raza Twinsight Metal Miniature
  • Wicked Hand Crew: Vax Kreel Metal Miniature
  • Online Gift Certificate to ($15)
  • Traveler’s Guide to Brinewind and the Savage Coast Book
  • Drunken Mermaid Paint Rinse Cup

The ReaperCon Live HobbyBox includes:

  • One ReaperCon Commemorative MSP Colors Set (12 paints)
  • Online Gift Certificate to ($25)
  • ReaperLive MSP Triad (Drow Nipple Pink, Rose Gold, Sophie Silver)
  • Mini Magnet Light
  • ReaperCon Logo Embroidered Velcro Patch
  • Reaper Paint Pokey Tool
  • Reaper Cleaning Utility Pod Rinse Cup
  • Reaper Laminated Paint Palette
  • Reaper Figure Carrying Case
  • Empty Master Series Paint Bottles (3)