Root: The Marauder Expansion with more hirelings – Kickstarter Edition (Forhåndsbestilling)


Tilsvarer nivået “Marauder pledge with more hirelings” fra Kickstarter.

Se lenke til “add-ons” nederst på siden.

Prisen du ser her inkludert fortolling og norsk mva, og når du bestiller en vare fra en norsk butikk så er du godt beskyttet av norsk forbrukerlov med tanke på angrerett osv.

Ikke på lager akkurat nå - bestillingsvare

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Return to the world of Root with The Marauder Expansion. Raze the Woodland to the ground as the fearsome Lord of the Hundreds, or recover precious relics from this destructive conflict as the Keepers in Iron. Explore dozens of faction combinations, including many new head-to-head matchups with the hirelings and advanced setup cards. New and experienced players have never had so many ways to enjoy Root!


The Keepers in Iron are an order of itinerant warriors who have come to the Woodland to recover ancient relics. To find them, they must manage their Woodland contacts carefully, as only the local animals know how to find the relics they seek. Paragons of discipline, their warriors sport pristine armor of a quality rarely seen here, making them a terror in battle. However, to keep their forces well-supplied and mobile, they must maintain a network of caravans and waystations.

Claiming to be the true voice of the Woodland, the Lord of the Hundreds spreads distrust and division among its inhabitants, inciting torch-wielding mobs to destroy the enemies of their righteous dominion. His swarming army can overwhelm all but the toughest defense. By looting items from the undeserving and adding them to his towering hoard, his power grows as he develops an increasingly fearsome monomania.

Root’s hirelings lend their services to factions willing to pay the price. Court the Marquise’s infamous Forest Patrol or sway the rampaging Last Dynasty from the Eyrie to join your cause. Whether you are playing with two players or six, the hirelings are sure to offer you exciting new ways to play Root.

Discover new corners of the world of Root.  Fight for control of the cosmopolitan Free City of Root or attempt to secure influence over the Black Market. Build buildings among the Elder Treetops or secure the Legendary Forge. Each landmark offers players new strategic challenges and tactical possibilities. Best of all, they work with each of Root’s four maps!

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