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Sub Terra II: Inferno’s Edge – Kickstarter Deluxe Edition (forhåndsbestilling)

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Denne pakken inneholder følgende:

  • Sub Terra II Core Game
  • Sub Terra II Core Game Upgrade Pack
  • Typhaon Wakes
  • Typhaon Wakes Upgrade Pack
  • Arima’s Light
  • Arima’s Light Upgrade Pack

Sub Terra II: Inferno’s Edge. A standalone sequel to the award-winning Sub Terra (2017), Inferno’s Edge has players join a dangerous expedition into a volcanic temple, in search of a legendary artifact. Work together to find and unlock the inner sanctum, avoiding deadly traps, scorching lava and the temple’s relentless guardians. But beware – the earth shakes beneath you, and you’re running out of time…

Check out our how to play video hosted by ITB developer Rose Atkinson.