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Sultans Library

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In Sultan’s Library, you play as an Envoy sent out by the Sultan, exploring the world looking for Knowledge in the form of Books. Once you have found a Book, you need to make your way back to the Sultan’s Library and Deposit it. At the end of the game, the player who has the acquired the most Knowledge wins!

Each turn consists of 3 phases: Draw, Explore and Score.

1. Draw: In the Draw phase you draw two cards from the Action Deck. Action cards will let you do things like Travel somewhere without paying, making other players lose Actions etc. The Action Deck also has Journey cards in it, which allows you to pay for the various things you will be doing in the game.

2. Explore: In the Explore phase, you will pay Explore points to look around the area you are in for Books. If there are no Books near you, you will automatically move on to the next Location. You have 2 Actions per turn. You can do things like Explore the Area, Play Action Cards, Pick-up and Deposit Books etc.

3. Score: In the Score phase, you place all the Books you Deposited this turn under your Character card. You have Scored as much Knowledge as is indicated on all your Deposited Books. Once someone Deposits 3 Books, the players finish out the round and whoever scored the most Knowledge wins!




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