Tainted Grail add-on: Monsters Of Avalon: Past And The Future


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The history of the human conquest of Avalon spans one thousand years. Many creatures that were present when Arthur first set foot on the island became extinct or banished in the later ages. And many other beings were first spotted only after centuries of strife.
Monsters of Avalon: Past and Future expansion lets you bring models representing these horrific dangers to your Last Knight and Age of Legends campaigns!
This expansion consists of:
· 20 miniatures
· 20 Encounter cards (alternative “Guardian” versions of 20 Encounters already found in Age of Legends and Last Knight campaigns)
Getting the Monsters Of Avalon: Past And Future is not essential for gameplay, but adds additional variety and immersion to the game with the introduction of new models and alternative Encounters

The Past

Apart from several Guardians from the first Monsters of Avalon box, the Age of Legends campaign will use these additional 10 Guardians. Some of them are creatures that were already planned, but who now got a promotion to a Guardian, and some are brand new.

One of the creatures we really wanted to represent as a miniature is the Pale Lady. Long before she was known as the Lady of the Lake, this outcast of her race wandered the far reaches of Avalon, trapped between the expanding kingdom of men and her vengeful kin. She’s also one of our new Diplomatic Guardians that bring additional variety to the upcoming campaigns.

The next Guardian is Kelpie, our newest addition to our line-up of mythological creatures. It takes the shape of a young, strong steed. But if you try to touch or mount it, your hands will grow into its skin, and the Kelpie will show its true form, carrying you away to your death in the cold depths.

Work in progress concept

Another example of folkloristic inspiration is the Dearg Due. This Gaelic prototype of the vampire, called the “red thirst”, is elusive and dangerous, leaving only drained corpses in her wake.

Fourth of our new guardians is the result of human interactions with the wyrdnes. Manipede is just as disturbing and dangerous as its name suggests, and having one stalk you through the map will be an intimidating experience.

In contrast to the Manipede, Wyrmlings look much less threatening. A cluster of young Wyrms, huddling together for safety, might not be the most fearsome Guardian. But if you make a single mistake fighting them, they will call their much larger, destructive kin.

In the far reaches of the forests, you will also be able to meet a Corrupted Druid. Tasked by Arthur with cleansing the island, many of them were the first humans to fall prey to the wyrdness.

While most humans are consumed by the wyrd, some are capable of forming a strange symbiosis with its chaotic powers. Bean-chioch ( “wet nurse” in Gaelic) is a woman who adopted a small crowd of wyrdspawns, nursing them, offering them protection, and carrying them in a large basket on her back. Feeding her litter is not an easy task, forcing her to prey on the travelers.

The most towering of the Age of Legends models is the Horned Warden. He’s one of the chosen apostles of the Stagfather, tasked with protecting groves and forests his god claimed on Avalon from both humans and wyrdness.

While Horned Wardens keep human settlers out of the forest, the northern coast of the island is patrolled by bands of Unchained Warbeasts. Created by dark arts, they were set free by someone who wants to make sure travelers stay clear from the northern tip of the island. Who was it? Why did they do it? It’s up to you to find out.

Finally, we have the most powerful Fore-dweller in the game. A true highborn knight of their race, mounted atop an armored Hammerbeak, Doomwing is a challenge even bigger than fearsome Reclaimers you might remember from Fall of Avalon.

The Future

Populating the wyrndess-covered, frigid expanses of the Last Knight campaign, following creatures will be making your life harder.

First is the Gigelorum, a nightmare to all arachnophobes out there. These blood-hungry, giant scorpionflies are one of few insects that managed to adapt to this hostile, desolate world.

Orphaned Heart, on the other hand, should be familiar to everyone who played past Beor’s tutorial in the Fall of Avalon. This parasitic heart, moving on its legs of blackened veins and arteries, looks for a new host to bury itself in. Hope you’re not the one.

Who would have thought that a clumsy colossus with one leg, one arm, and one eye could be so threatening? A far descendant of once-proud giants, Fachan bolsters the roster of interesting mythical creatures populating Avalon.

Though large, Fachans can’t match the size and intimidation factor of Aillén Trechend. They say this three-headed monstrosity was created by one of the last archdruids, and tasked with protecting their dying order. Today, druids are gone, and the monster became its own master.

Being a Diplomatic Guardian does not make Glastig any less dangerous. Part-woman, part-goat, given a chance she will attempt to enthrall Characters or even steal their companions.

Mad Warrior is a roaming berserker who learned to fill himself with the wyrdness, entering destructive warp-spasms that swell his body and make him an extremely deadly opponent.

Hooded Crow is one of the few humanoid creatures who still wander the long-forgotten trails of Avalon, his neverending travel a penance for a horrible crime he’s eager to tell you about.

Parents gather teeth of their children and leave them on the outskirts of settlements. If they don’t do it, a horde of Fuathan will come, slaughter them all, and rip teeth from their jaws.

When travelers see a girl holding a chopped off hand with burning fingers, at first they want to run away. But when they are freezing to death, the Torch Bearer may be their only hope.

Allfather’s Inquisition tries to root out the remainders of the old faith. Try not to look suspicious, as they are efficient in finding evidence of your heresy that even you didn’t know about. All hail the Allfather, the one and only god!