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Pre-painted, assembled, resin terrain setReady to play straight out of the box.


1 set contains total 18 pieces: 8 large scenery pieces and 10 small scatter pieces.

Battle mat not included.

Dimensions: (Lenght x width x height):

1x Rock1: dimension in cm (30x17x17 cm) and in inches (12 x 7 x 7 inch)

1x Rock2: dimension in cm (20x18x20 cm) and in inches (8 x 7 x 8 inch)

2x Rock3: dimension in cm (23x11x15 cm) and in inches (9 x 4 x 6 inch)

2x Rock4: dimensions in cm (17x10x10 cm) and in inches (7 x 4 x 4 inch)

2x Rock5: dimensions in cm (14x9x9) and in inches (6 x 3 x 3 inch)

10x Rocks scatter mix: 10 rocks of various size from (5x5x5 to 8x8x8 cm) and in inches (from 2 to 3 inches)

– very solid and durable resin based material

– highly detailed

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