Terrain – Gothic Ruins Set


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Gothic ruin terrain set.

Comes pre-painted. Resin material. Ready for play straight out of the box.


This wargaming scenery features:

  • 9 pieces of ruins
  • 1x centre piece Ruin A (LxWxH) in cm 30x20x25 in inches 11.8×7.9×9.9
  • 2x large piece of Ruin B (LxWxH) in cm 20x17x20 in inches 7.9×6.7×7.9
  • 2x mid-size piece of Ruin C (LxWxH) in cm 15x15x18 in inches 6x6x7
  • 4x small-size piece of Ruin D (LxWxH) in cm 12x12x0 in inches 4.7×4.7×4
  • 5x wall piece. All 12cm long, highest point is 6cm, all could be connected to create a continuous line. In inches: 4.7 x 2.4
  • window fillers to make optional LOS blocking versions of ruin A and ruin B (that would be 3 pieces of window fillers for Ruin A and 2 pieces for windows on Ruin B). They snap-fit into floor level windows.
  • Very solid and durable resin based material
  • Highly detailed


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