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The Grimwood: Card Game

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You might be a bounty hunter looking for fame and fortune. You might be a peasant looking to feed his starving family. You might be a maiden running away from her arranged marriage, or just a random dude who has gotten lost. Whoever you are, you’ve ended up at The Grimwood, a forest where supernatural creatures reside.

This highly chaotic, slightly strategic game for 2-6 players takes you into the dark fantasy of The Grimwood, where you search the forest (i.e., deck) to find settings, animals, or most coveted of all, supernaturals, to add to your collection. Use the powers of the supernaturals to help yourself or sabotage others, or find a Rune or Amulet for extra actions or protection. Lots of things can happen in The Grimwood. Find—and keep—the most combinations, and you win!

In The Grimwood, a player’s turn consists of:
1. Drawing 1 card from the deck or Stealing 1 card from another player’s hand.

2. Playing a supernatural’s power or a Rune.

3. Placing a combo.

There are 3 types of combos: Animal, Setting, or Supernatural combos. They are worth the following points:

Animal Combos
3 Owls = 10 points
3 Crows = 10 points

Setting Combos
1 Clearing + 1 Path + 1 Swamp = 5 points
3 clearings or 3 swamps or 3 paths = 3 points

Supernatural Combos
1 Supernatural = 1 point
2 Supernaturals = 2 points
3 Supernaturals = 5 points
4 Supernaturals = 10 points
5 Supernaturals = 15 points

The game ends when the last card is drawn. The deck goes quicker than you think!




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