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It is the age of conquering, pillage, and trade. Ragnar Ironhand, the King of Kaupang grows old and is looking for his most suitable successor. Ragnar gathers his four children, and challenges them to leave Kaupang in search of fame and fortune in foreign lands. Whoever returns home as the most prosperous sibling will lay claim to the throne. Gather your Viking warriors and set sail, but beware the whims of the fickle Norse gods as well as your backstabbing and ambitious siblings, who are all vying to claim the throne for themselves. 

Vikingjarl is a fast-moving, historical strategy game about Vikings and Norse Mythology.

The Vikings loved stories – the “sagas”. That is why we have included real stories in the game. The histories of each key settlement, the stories of the heroes and gods, are all woven into the game. We have blended the most exciting elements of Euros, cardgames, and wargames in a excite game of plunder and glory. The game is for 2-4 players.

As a player, you begin the game as one of four Jarls (siblings), with the goal of becoming the next Ruler of Kaupang. You accomplish this by pillaging, trading, establishing settlements, fighting, and outmaneuvering your siblings (did we say “backstabbling?). Through strategic card play and dice rolls the Jarls battle each other across the game board. You must make strategic decisions and carefully manage your resources in order to get the most victory points, to have the best chance to win. If you play well, and use your Sagas wisely, and even receive some favors from the gods, perhaps you will become the next VikingJarl!

The Sagas add drama and excitement to the game!