Village Attacks: Horrors of the sands expansion


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Evil exists in all corners of the world, and the sun toiled sand dunes of Arabia are no different. The Horrors of the Sands expansion adds 4 new Monsters to Village Attacks; the Mummy (Undead), Djinn (Demon), Efreet (Arcane) and Ghoul (Cursed). To counter these monsters, 4 new Town heroes have appeared in the form of the Assassin (Undead), Djinn Trapper (Demon), Gypsy (Arcane) and Maharib (Cursed). The Yunfakh Hunters also join the battle, who are masters of evasion and close quarters combat. Not only that, this expansion introduces monster summoning into Village Attacks, where players can summon other monsters in a lesser, temporary form to aid in the protection of the castle!


– 4x Monster miniatures
– 4x Town Hero miniatures
– 18x Yunfakh Hunter miniatures
– 3x Game tiles
– 24x Monster Summon cards
– 4x Monster dashboards
– 4x Town Hero tokens
– 12x Monster Ability tokens