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Goons – Kickstarter Luxury Goons (forhåndsbestilling)

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Inkluderer deluxe poker chips, samt utvidelser for solo og 5 spillere

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Try a new thrilling career as a henchman! Throw yourself into the heat of the fire and join in on different villains daring schemes. Earn as much cash as possible, get the snazziest gear and rise in respect with the local villains. Perhaps someday, you’ll finally be the one calling the shots!?

Goons is a strategy board game for 2-4 aspiring henchmen (1-5 with addons) that combines character development, action selection, area influence and eurogame mechanics in its own very special way! The ultimate goal is to build up your goon by getting new gear, manage your precious energy, as well as participating in as many and lucrative villains schemes as possible for tasty rewards!

Will you go the more safe route to minimize risks, spread out and put your eggs in every basket, or will you go all in for a chance at the big bucks? Goons lets each player approach its challenges differently with several uniquely themed villains accommodating different play styles and strategies!

Render of a 3 player game! *Non-final design*
Render of a 3 player game! *Non-final design*


* Please note, all displayed components in the campaign are non-final. The design, color and size shown here may differ from the final product *