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Rulebenders Kickstarter Nuclear Edition

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  • Rulebenders: Nuclear Edition
  • Alle opplåste stretch goals
  • 6 miniatyrer (1 for hvert tema)
  • 70 Metal Chips
  • 1 ekstra tema (inkl. 1 miniatyr)
  • Sleeves til alle kortene i spillet

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In RULEBENDERS, you will discover a unique machine that allows you to travel inside the themes of your favourite games. At the beginning of the game you choose four themes out of the available six, and in doing so, you select the level of interactivity of that game. You’ll fight for control to bend the different rule aspects of the game, keeping your wits about you as the rules will change during play.

3D view of the deluxe all-in edition

Chips are essential. They’re victory points, but at times they may also be currency, and you’ll want to collect them by playing your cards right and advancing on the evolution tracks of the game. As you gain control over different rule panels, and get a deeper understanding of the science behind this incredible machine, you’ll amass even more Chips, right before your opponent’s eyes.

You can play cards from different themes, depending on the rule setting and your evolution track modifiers. Cards will give you temporary or permanent advantages, taunt your adversaries, or block potential attacks!

Every theme contains absolutely stunning artwork by world-renowned artist Naïade! Check out these gorgeous themes:

The Arabian Nights deck focuses more on item trading, and even rewarding those who feel lucky … If you feel adventurous, this deck will quickly become your favourite.
The Fantasy deck will allow you to collect and place more Energy cubes, as well as boost your defences!
If you want to test your nerves and those of the other players, the Prehistoric deck is the one for you! This set of cards focuses more on interactive cards.
If you want to use and play more Cards, the Sci-fi deck is just for you!
Don’t be afraid to stir up things, what’s life without a little risk, am I right? Here come the Pirates!
This is a “no holds barred” type of deck, that will put your opponents to the test, as well as your luck … after all, Zombies remain quite unpredictable, and this deck is bound to create some memorable moments.