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The Waylanders – Kickstarter Edition incl Stretchgoals and Exclusives

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Brigantia, legendary land of Celtic tribes, is the capital of a mythical age inhabited by ancient races and riddled with powerful strongholds and portals to mysterious realms. It is a time of magic, a force of nature wielded by sages and abundant in dragon lairs.

In this era, veiled behind the mists of time, indomitable adventurers and cunning strategists are born. United in their zealous thirst for conquest, they will follow the chimeric paths set before them, determined to forge kingdoms of legend.

But even in times of sorcery, arcane lands are scarce. No adventurer will hesitate to destroy their enemies in conquest, because only a chosen few can be… The Waylanders.

Created by Gato Studio and Eclipse Editorial, The Waylanders  is their new competitive board game with tactical battles for 2-4 players.

Plan your strategy: pick 5 adventurers to build your team, choose wisely before each move, control the strongholds, complete objectives, defeat your opponents… and claim victory!

Each game will be different, offering an almost infinite array of possibilities. Enjoy each fight and become a true Waylander!

Each game will be different: you can use many tactics to win. You can be more aggressive or try to avoid short range battles, build a different party and terrain map for every game. Thousands of combinations will make for endless hours of fun!

Different strategies to win: there are many different ways to obtain victory. Will you try to complete the objectives? Try to knock down your opponents? Or maybe you would rather focus your efforts in conquering the strongholds?

Configure your party: each adventurer has unique abilities: pick the strong Elathor, the mighty semifomori warrior. Or Wradnja, the great mourian explorer with her bow and never-failing aim. Or choose the healing magic of Badarn, the celtic healer. The adventurers you choose will determine your strategy… as well as the strategy of your opponents.

Every adventurer is different: each character belongs to one of the 4 races and 6 classes inhabiting The Waylanders universe. In addition, each adventurer has unique abilities and skills: a semifomori warrior, a mourian explorer, a celtic healer, a lycanthrope rogue…

Adapt to the land: you can choose your group of adventurers, but you’ll have to adapt to the terrain. Some characters move better through plains, while others prefer forests or mountains.

An innovative formation system that provides your team with important strategic advantages. Gather your adventurers and coordinate them to get powerful bonuses: a lethal attack, superior speed or a well defended position could be decisive for your victory.

Brigantia awaits you: inspired on celtic legends, discover the secrets of this mythical land.

Easy to play, hard to master: The Waylanders is a game that you will easily learn to play, but its tactical depth and dynamic battles will make you want to play more and more until you become a true master!

Knowing your fighters will be essential for the upcoming battles. There are 4 races and 6 classes from 3 different guilds, which makes each character unique.

Choose the warriors that suit best your game style. There are 20 characters in the base box (10 different models), but with your help, that number will increase!