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The Refuge: Terror from the Deep – Kickstarter Exclusives included

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A combo-driven nautical adventure — escape the Kraken in the solo and cooperative dive, or go head-to-head in a heart-pounding race against other divers.



The Refuge: Terror from the Deep takes you into treacherous waters with a 2-6 player competitive dive and a 1-4 player solo and cooperative dive. Compete with rival divers in a frantic race to the escape pods, or work together in a story-driven experience to defeat the kraken!

Whichever game mode you choose, you’ll be one of seven asymmetric characters in an immersive, cinematic experience that takes you head to head with an angry Kraken!

The Refuge: Terror from the Deep includes 24 gorgeous miniatures.

We have been fortunate enough to work with two amazing sculptors: David Whitaker & Tom Lishman.   David’s work includes minis for Lord of the Rings: Journeys into Middle EarthMoonstone,  and more. Tom has sculpted for games such as Dark Souls: the Board GameDescent 2nd Edition, and Godtear.  We’re incredibly excited about the miniatures in The Refuge: Terror from the Deep, and we think you will be too.

A larger scale brings out more details and make minis easier to handle and paint.
A larger scale brings out more details and make minis easier to handle and paint.
Painted by Den of Imagination. Miniatures supplied unpainted.
Painted by Den of Imagination. Miniatures supplied unpainted.


The Refuge: Terror from the Deep’s  competitive dive is based on our 2016 release The Refuge: A Race for Survival.  The Refuge: a race for survival continues to be enjoyed by gamers all over the world, and is well-received for combining exciting, fast-paced gameplay with simple mechanics. We’re excited to take that to the next level in competitive dive – an action filled race to the finish!

Escape The Kraken – or Die Trying

In competitive dives, 2-6 players race to the escape pods of the mysterious UB-85 submarine. To reach the refuge of the escape pods, players must carefully plan their movement to outwit their opponents — and to avoid the Kraken’s wrath!

To win, be the first diver to reach the escape pods at the end of the board with a Decryptor or complete an Objective for the key to a specific pod.

 On your turn, you take one action:

  • Move your character one space and activate the space you land on
  • Draw a Salvage card
  • Play a Salvage card
  • Use one of your character’s abilities

As you move, you’ll activate spaces on the board with special features:

  •  Spawn spaces let you place pesky tentacles on other unoccupied Spawn spaces.
  •  Cave spaces are safe and tentacles can’t reach you there.
  •  Whirlpool spaces let you switch with a player who is currently on a Cave.
  •  Lair spaces lets you control the Kraken’s tentacles to knock defenseless characters back to the start.


Card Driven Combos:

Combining your hand of Salvage cards, Character abilities, and movement allows you to chain together devastating moves — propelling you toward the final goal and luring tentacles to attack your opponents. Don’t wait too long to string together the perfect combination though: a slow start means there will be a dozen tentacles blocking your path!

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