Space Race Kickstarter Deluxe Edition incl Expansion and Playmat – (forhåndsbestilling)


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The world struggles in the Cold War, and many see the sky as the next battlefield. A new chapter of extraterrestrial exploration is about to begin. The technological boundaries will be pushed further than the humanity has ever imagined. Do you have what it takes to lead a daring space agency into a new age of human achievement?


This bundle includes the following

  • Space Race (Base Game)
  • All Unlocked Base Game Stretch Goals
  • Space Race: The Rockets (Expansion) including:
    •  Huge Iconic Rocket Miniatures
    • 5-th Player Extension
    • All Unlocked The Rockets Expansion Stretch Goals
  • Cold War (Expansion) including:
    • 2x Huge Iconic Rocket Minatures
    • 1 new Mission Control
    • 5 new Classified Projects
    • All Unlocked Cold War Expansion Stretch Goals
  • Professional Space Race Playmat 90 x 60 cm Double Stitched Edges
  • Master Box to hold all components (except the playmat)

Professional Space Race Playmat:

90 x 60 cm Double Stitched Edges



Master Box — A unique Master Box designed to hold all the Space Race components of the base game and the Rockets Expansion in it and is also prepared to hold all the content of the Cold War Expansion add-on (Kickstarter excl.).





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